Vermont Plein Air Workshop

vermontfourtreesvermontbirchesThis last week I attended a plein air painting workshop hosted by Susan Abbott at her home in Plainfield, VT. It was quite productive and I learned a lot about landscape painting outdoors, design and color. I also met many fine people who also attended.

Here are three oil paintings I did as part of that workshop.

Oil on canvas 11" x 14"

Oil on canvas 11″ x 14″

Post color workshop…

I have just finished a Color Workshop with Susan Abbott. If you are an aspiring artist, young or old, I strongly recommend you take one, either from Susan or other artist seriously engaged with color. You will save a lot of time working on paintings that come up short because of color considerations. I have blazed that trail for you, and have several canvases that just don’t cut the mustard because of my inept handling of color.

Here is a link to Susan Abbott’s blog:

Workshop Week

This is the week I study color in a workshop at the Torpedo Factory taught by Susan Abbot.  I have been mainly drawing for the last couple of years, so I am looking forward to putting some color into my work.  The self portrait just published here was a dive in beforehand to have something to compare to after the workshop is completed…before vs after.